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Skinvisible, Inc. (SKVI) Has Been Delivering its Patented Polymer Technology to Pharmaceuticals & Cosmeceuticals for Close to Two Decades

  • Topical product technology protected by patents
  • Targeting $80 billion global skin care and dermatology market
  • Product sales in China

Outsourcing has been the status quo in the pharmaceutical industry since long before the term gained notoriety. Large pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies, under pressure from rising R&D costs, have been farming out that part of their businesses for a long time now in an attempt to reduce costs. This approach also has the advantage of offloading the costs of patenting to the outsourcee. To obtain the advantages of adopting new technology, patent protection is vital to avoid copycatting. That is why the technology developed by Skinvisible, Inc. (OTCQB: SKVI), through its wholly owned subsidiary Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has been adopted by pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies since 1999. The Las Vegas, Nevada–based R&D company developed Invisicare® technology, which can be used to revitalize or create new medical or skin care products, allowing a company that licenses Skinvisible’s formulations to sell their own patented product and combat generic competitors.

Invisicare is a patented polymer delivery system that improves the delivery of topically applied skin care products, thereby enhancing the efficacy of the active ingredients. The unique process extends the time the product remains active on the skin and is specifically formulated to transport active ingredients that are insoluble in water without using alcohol, silicones, waxes, or other organic solvents.

Products utilizing Invisicare have been effective at bonding active ingredients to the skin for up to four hours and longer. Invisicare is non-occlusive; it allows normal skin respiration and perspiration while moisturizing and protecting against exposure from a wide variety of environmental irritants. When topically applied, products formulated with Invisicare adhere to the skin’s outer layers, forming a protective bond, resisting wash-off, and delivering targeted levels of therapeutic or cosmetic skin care agents to the skin. This allows enhanced delivery performance for a variety of topicals, resulting in improved efficacy, longer duration of action, reduced irritation and lower dosage of active agent required. The “invisible” polymer compositions that make up Invisicare wear off as part of the natural exfoliation process that removes the skin’s outer layer of cells.

With a $80 billion global dermatology market and a $30 billion global skin care over-the-counter (OTC) market, the patented polymer delivery system for topical products developed by Skinvisible, obviously, has many, many possible applications. The company has already inked an agreement ( with a large, well-known Canadian medical marijuana company: the first to attain ‘unicorn’ status in the industry. Under the agreement, the MMJ company will distribute Skinvisible’s topical products in Canada. The agreement covers two distinct product lines made with Skinvisible’s Invisicare technology. Skinvisible will develop unique topical hemp-based products to be launched by Canopy Hemp Corporation in Canada and the United States. In addition, the agreement includes potential cannabis-based topical products using Invisicare® technology when and if federal regulations permit CBD- or THC-infused topical products for sale in Canada.

While it continues to expand its licensing relationships, Skinvisible is developing its own line of OTC products, which is available for out-licensing. The 40+ products include antimicrobial hand sanitizers and skin care products for acne, skin fungi and atopic dermatitis. Skinvisible has also developed its own line of anti-aging products under the Kintari® brand (day cream, night cream, hand & body lotion, sunscreen and DermSafe), all available on Kintari is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skinvisible.

In June 2017, the company announced that it had completed its first international sale of DermSafe® hand sanitizer in China ( through its agent, InterSpace Global, Inc. The agreement with InterSpace Global facilitates the export of Skinvisible’s OTC products to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea. In the beauty-conscious Chinese diaspora, Skinvisible is on track to repeat its U.S. success story.

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