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ProBility Media Corp. (PBYA) Recent Acquisitions, New Service Offerings Position Company as E-Learning Market Leader

  • Strategic acquisitions driving company growth, offering unique opportunities for investment
  • Company completed Cranbury International acquisition, expanding portfolio and international reach
  • Product roster further expands with VR training materials and 3D animations

Innovative EdTech company ProBility Media Corp (OTCQB: PBYA) is solidifying its position on the e-learning and training market via a series of recent acquisitions and new service and product offerings. With a declared goal of building the first full-service career advancement and training brand for skilled trades, ProBility is offering a combination of training and educational materials with virtual reality-based products for modeling training and 3D animation to an expanding international market.

The Houston, Texas-based company has just completed the acquisition of Vermont-based provider of education and training materials Cranbury International, thus gaining access to a wide range of new products destined for government institutions and private sector markets in several countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Trinidad, Mexico and many others. Aside from increasing its international reach and customer base, the acquisition will allow ProBility to introduce several of its own e-learning and virtual reality programs to new markets, at the same quality standards Cranbury has been adhering to since its creation in 2010.

Virtual reality has been a major component of ProBility’s product roster for a while, being used successfully for crane operator training, and the technology’s role is set to increase further as a result of ProBility’s joint venture with Industrial3D Corp., a provider and developer of 3D modeling, 3D animation and interactive media. Under the name ProBility Immersive Technologies, the joint venture specializes in creating interactive media and virtual reality content for ProBility’s current educational offerings, as well as for any custom products designed for clients who want to conduct their training in-house.

The joint venture has enhanced ProBility’s portfolio with over 200 3D animations targeting the industries it already serves, such as energy, medical manufacturing, engineering, etc., and it also enables the company to significantly expand its comprehensive offering of career advancement, training and compliance materials for more than 60 skilled trades.

The move came shortly after ProBility took a larger share of the educational market for the electrical contractor industry, estimated at $130 billion, following the acquisition of W Marketing, Inc., a provider of National Electrical Codes to the construction and electrical industries with a vast library of educational courses and exam preparation materials. In addition to strengthening ProBility’s financial position, the acquisition will allow the company to become one of the largest wholesale providers of National Fire Protection Association electrical codes in the United States.

The company has also expanded into the field of safety and security with the launch of an online training place, the ProBility Safety Academy – the result of a joint venture with Range Guard and Investigations Vice President Jonah Nathan. The Texas-accredited academy offers training, exam materials and courses for various security and safety fields including police science, public safety, private security, private investigation and criminal justice.

ProBility’s strategic acquisitions policy is making the company an appealing opportunity for investors in the e-learning and training space who are looking for ways of tapping into a growing organization serving dozens of industries and helping bring skilled trades and businesses into the 21st century. With an impressive portfolio of training and education programs, both online and in print, the company aims to change the landscape for small and medium businesses by offering them access to quality training materials typically only available to enterprise firms. Through its ever-growing product offerings and its acquisition policy, ProBility is set to position itself as a market leader in the e-learning sector and a high-quality source of testing, education and career advancement services.

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