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Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI) Serving the Underserved with Telemedicine

  • Millions of Americans live in areas with little or no comprehensive health care
  • MIHI establishing nationwide telemedicine network to provide specialty care
  • Serving the underserved makes MIHI sole practitioner to millions

There’s no doubt that the U.S. health care system is fractured. Our patchwork quilt of health care services leaves many citizens isolated and medically stranded. Far beyond the current contentious health care debate, millions of Americans live in areas that have chronically suffered with little or no health care services. For various reasons of geography, economics or social circumstance, certain populations in the country have far too few primary care providers. Defined by the government as Medically Underserved Areas, recruiting physicians to these communities is challenging not only because of the population’s complex human needs and limited health care resources, but also due to a lack of available social amenities.

Decades ago, country doctors were common, but they are now scarce in the 21st century, creating a critical need for primary care physicians in rural areas. Small towns around the country face the loss of basic medical services, because they have so few doctors to run their clinics. Many attribute the dearth of rural doctors to the increasingly complex and specialized nature of medical practices and the rapid pace of technological advancement.

Within this void, Medical Innovation Holdings Inc. (OTC: MIHI) uses technology to target and serve these underserved. MIHI is addressing this pressing need by establishing a nationwide, multi-disciplinary specialist provider network to serve rural patients via a seamless, comprehensive and sophisticated telemedicine program. The company’s platform is designed to bring much needed access to quality health care in real time while generating substantial efficiencies and cost savings.

The company’s telemedicine platform offers a range of modalities of telemedicine to create a virtual multi-specialty practice bringing modern medicine to underserved communities. The company’s subsidiary, 3Point Care, provides personalized pairing of its specialty doctors with traditional primary doctors, connecting patients with specialty health care professionals.

With the ability to provide a vast array of health care-related services on its various technology platforms, the company intends to create a comprehensive health care-centric business ecosystem where multiple products and services can be offered. As the company expands its unique business model into a large national footprint, a vast network of underserved patients will receive much needed services and, in essence, make MIHI a sole practitioner and product provider to a large swath of the population.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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