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India Globalization Capital (NYSE: IGC) Announces Significant Breakthrough that Could Potentially Prevent, Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Seeks patent on new therapy for drug that employs concentrations of THC
  • Data for drug candidate IGC-AD1 finds that it reduces buildup of ‘senior plaque’ without causing death of neurons, which can lead to memory loss
  • IGC plans to commercialize drug as a supplement to be marketed as a medical dispensary product

India Globalization Capital (NYSE MKT: IGC) recently announced that it is assembling a line of cannabis-based medical dispensary products targeting Alzheimer’s disease ( The company is engineering genetic cell lines which show that, at various concentrations of THC, the protein Aβ decreases as much as 40% without neuron damage.

This compelling in vitro data, and the promise it shows as a preventative and powerful treatment against Alzheimer’s, makes IGC a company with valuation growth potential for investors. The commercial potential for an Alzheimer’s treatment or prevention drug is in the billions of dollars. Investors have made Alzheimer’s drugs a high biotechnology priority.

IGC is a first-mover in the cannabis-based combination therapy space. The Bethesda, Maryland-based company has already filed for six patents in the markets of epilepsy, eating disorders and pain. It is also working on additional filings for indications including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and Parkinson’s disease.

“As Alzheimer’s progresses, synaptic dysfunction and the death of neurons lead to memory loss,” IGC CEO Ram Mukunda stated in a news release. “These study results, when combined with the earlier reported data that shows IGC-AD1 reduces Aβ40 and Aβ42 production by as much as 50% and 40%, without any toxicity, represent a highly significant novel breakthrough that could potentially bring much needed relief from this devastating disease.”

It is believed that a primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease is the buildup of senile plaque, or Aβ plaque, in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. As the disease progresses, Aβ oligomers directly cause synaptic dysfunction and the death of neurons, leading to memory loss.

“In vitro, our product demonstrates these critical factors and we are pursuing a patent filing that protects this therapy,” Mukunda added.

IGC has a two-step plan. First, it will position IGC-AD1 both as a treatment and a preventative therapy for Alzheimer’s. Second, IGC plans to commercialize a supplement version of the drug to be sold as a medical dispensary product.

Alzheimer’s affects more than 5.3 million Americans, and more than 65% of the patients suffering from the disease are women. It is known as America’s most expensive disease, costing the economy an estimated $236 billion. Over the next 20 years, the number of people with the disease is expected to double. Alzheimer’s begins 20-25 years prior to clear symptoms. To date, no effective cure has been found.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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