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HD View 360, Inc. (HDVW) Penetrates Point-of-Sale Opportunities with Strategic Partnerships

Solving business-to-business information technology challenges, especially in the realm of small- to medium-sized businesses, is a specialty of HD View 360, Inc. (OTCQB: HDVW). Its wholly-owned subsidiaries, HD View Technology and SimpleFone, provide several key technologies to clients in need of full-service IT solutions.

Among the company’s offerings are:

  • IT support for networks of all sizes
  • Reliable cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol service through SimpleFone
  • Networking, cloud solutions and office mobility
  • Proprietary point-of-sale software and merchant processing with HD View Technologies
  • Ample protection with security surveillance and monitoring systems

HD View 360’s core philosophy of not just meeting client expectations but exceeding them is coupled with a focus on innovation and addressing each of these five elements. The quality of HD View 360’s services has been recognized by top franchise brands. The company’s rapid growth, solid business relationships and smart acquisition strategy mean success for the company, its clients and shareholders.

A recent announcement that Pizzafire, a build-your-own pizza chain, has signed a letter of intent to utilize the company’s point-of-sale technology at all locations nationwide is another indicator that HD View 360 is meeting a true need in the marketplace.

The economic impact of franchised businesses in the United States, as reported by the International Franchise Association, is huge. By the end of 2016, franchising contributed 7.6 million jobs through more than 730,000 franchise establishments, ultimately generating $674 billion in economic output, or 2.5 percent of the gross domestic product.

While the franchise industry is on track for continued record growth, the potential for government regulations to rattle the known business model means owners need to do all they can to maximize revenue streams. HD View 360’s full-service IT solutions help clients do just that with easy-to-use platforms that noticeably increase profit margins.

“Pizzafire is exactly the type of company we love partnering with,” HD View 360 CEO Dennis Mancino said in a statement. “They’re smart, they’re forward-thinking and they’re experts in their industry. As more and more franchisees join their team, our cloud-based POS is going to slash infrastructure costs and improve operational productivity.”

HD View 360 and its subsidiary companies are a complete B2B information technology solution that provide hardware installation, security monitoring systems, telephone services, merchant processing, point-of-sale software and ongoing IT support to small- and medium-sized businesses.

For more information about HD View 360, visit the company’s website at

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