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AppSwarm, Inc. (SWRM) Making a Mark in the Mobile App Ecosystem

  • Mobile app market surging
  • SWRM targets game development, mobile apps, business apps and e-commerce websites
  • Proprietary processes and accretive acquisitions provide competitive advantages

Sometime during the summer of 2018, the mobile app ecosystem, one of the largest nascent industries on the planet, will turn 10 years old. This juvenile ecosystem already encapsulates millions of app developers and billions of smartphone owners who use mobile apps daily. Approximately 197 billion mobile apps are expected to be downloaded this year, and total app downloads are projected to surge to 352 billion by 2021 ( From Snapchat to Pokémon Go, top mobile apps are proving to be great productivity and communication tools, in addition to just fun novelties.

However, it’s easy to get overlooked and lost in the vast app ecosystem. Breaking into mainstream business applications and gaining widespread acceptance is extremely difficult, and small developers have been virtually shut out of the $100+ billion global games market by large global game companies, leaving potentially lucrative game apps without commercialization.

Business incubator and accelerator, AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC: SWRM) addresses these critical flaws by providing application developers and entrepreneurs with multiple avenues of monetization. AppSwarm aggressively seeks out application developers who’ve created potentially lucrative apps but can’t effectively get their products to market. When AppSwarm uncovers an application that has money making potential, it connects with the creator and offers multiple strategies of engagement through a stock purchase agreement, a royalty agreement, a joint venture, a partnership or even an outright purchase.

With agreements already in place with all of the major app stores, AppSwarm has the financial resources, business expertise and marketing muscle to launch new mobile applications quickly and effectively. AppSwarm assists and supports application developers during all stages of development by providing concept completion, market analysis, business and financial management and direct sales and marketing in order to maximize monetary impact.

AppSwarm believes it gains competitive advantages in the explosive app ecosystem market through its confidential and proprietary screening process called “The Swarm.” This highly selective screening process involves multiple layers and allows AppSwarm to intensely and accurately scrutinize the benefits and potential of each app idea received before rapidly moving to market.

Over the last year, AppSwarm has announced multiple gaming app acquisitions, partnerships and product launches, as well as acquiring ecommerce websites and announcing plans to develop a full suite of business applications for the small business market. As the company continues to execute its mobile applications strategy and complete synergistic acquisitions within the software development industry, AppSwarm could provide investors interesting opportunities in an explosive ecosystem.

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