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AppSwarm, Inc. (SWRM) Focuses on Key Revenue Streams to Leverage its Growth Strategy

  • AppSwarm, Inc. reported $589,000 in revenue for 2016 and has continued to focus on growth in 2017
  • The company has focused on four key revenue streams to boost the success of social game development, mobile apps, and e-commerce websites
  • A proprietary screening process enables it to select app ideas with the most potential, based on their benefits for developers, entrepreneurs, and consumers

Earning $589,000 in revenue for 2016 hasn’t given AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC: SWRM) a reason to slow down. From in-house development to assets gained through mergers and acquisitions, the company has focused on a vigorous growth strategy centered on a proprietary business model. This is known internally as the “Swarm”. The publicly traded company has focused on engagement, retention, virality, and monetization to secure its revenue streams and sustain its position in a high-demand market, boost the value of its products, and continue a pattern of growth, all at the same time.

The four key revenue streams driving the company’s progress include the incubation of apps, using completion of concept and development, market analysis, sales/marketing, and financial management services. AppSwarm is also highly engaged in social game development. It has developed highly relevant concepts internally, although it has also been successful in purchasing and redeveloping existing games and applications. Focusing on specialty niches has boosted revenue as well, especially casino and role-playing movie-themed applications. Several projects have involved partnerships leveraging technology and market expertise, allowing the company to apply each product to the specific market in an appropriate way.

Continual growth has been facilitated by AppSwarm’s unique approach to product development. Its proprietary selective screening process involves a detailed review of each app idea’s benefits. The decision-making process is considered beneficial for developers and entrepreneurs, but this isn’t the only strategy employed. Mergers and acquisitions aren’t unusual in software development, but the company’s expertise and support in business management/development, capital, and other areas contributes to its repeated success in the M&A circuit.

E-commerce, health, and education represent just a few of the sectors the company’s M&A strategy has focused on. Its e-commerce development has concentrated on the mobile device market and the anticipated increase in online sales driven by purchasing activity of potentially 270 million people by 2020, according to Forrester Research Inc. AppSwarm’s e-commerce development has delved into the world of virtual reality. It has also contributed to the success of websites such as Urban Bamboo Designs, an online retailer of low carbon footprint products, and Authlinks, an authority links resource serving bloggers and website owners.

AppSwarm has also built its revenue by tapping into the $99.6 billion global games market. From soccer to the battlefield to fun family game apps, the company has taken gamers to diverse realms. An optical character recognition-enabled application for scanning PDF documents universally works on all iPhones and iPads. The company’s focus on entertainment, productivity, and web development has enabled it to reach into a large market base, provide useful services for end users, and grow its revenue and position with investors/developers from all walks of life.

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