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Algae Dynamics Corp. (ADYNF) Sees Opportunity for Hemp, Algae, and CBD Oils in Expanding Canadian Marijuana Market

  • Canadian marijuana market seen as C$2.8 billion by CY2020, a 30% YOY gain, research study projects.
  • Extracts/oil from cannabis (CBD) sales by CY2020 will surpass dried marijuana by wide margin.
  • Marijuana seen as being fully legalized in Canada by July 2018.

Algae Dynamics Corp. (OTCQB: ADYNF) sees opportunity and greater market share in a soon to be legalized marijuana industry in Canada, where registered clients are estimated to grow to 715,000 by CY2020, cumulatively purchasing 124,443 kilograms (kg) of dried medical marijuana annually, a 31% YOY increase, a study by Mackie Research found ( If the Colorado model remains true, some 45% of those buyers will switch by 2018 from dried medical marijuana to marijuana extracts/oil, creating a market of 239,998 liters in extracts/oil alone.

That’s good news for ADYNF, a producer of health products and nutraceuticals that utilizes extraction of cannabis, hemp, and algae oils in its products. It is a development-stage company with a portfolio of intellectual property and a signed agreement with a Licensed Producer. ADYNF is an Ontario, Canada-based company, but it is publicly traded in the U.S. Because it is located in Canada, it is free of all exposure to any U.S. federal regulations or restrictions of cannabis.

Legalization of marijuana in Canada is widely expected by July 2018 ( If that happens, Mackie research projects that the Canadian market for both dried marijuana and extracts/oil would be an estimated C2.8 billion in CY2018, a 30% YOY increase. By that year, sales of extracts/oil would surpass revenues from dried marijuana by C1.687 billion to C1.113 billion.

ADYNF collaborates with the University of Waterloo and University of Western Ontario in research, formulations and product development, with the company maintaining patent rights on the research findings. The goal is to develop premium, patented health products.

Most recently, in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario, it was found that higher levels of the brain chemical GABA can help reverse in adults the negative effects of THC-infused marijuana ingested when in adolescence. The findings, published in Nature Scientific Reports (, earned ADYNF international press recognition.

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