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Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE) Offers Enhancements and a Nationwide Sales Campaign for Aptito

Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE) is focusing on the growth potential of its Aptito processing and management system by offering it, along with its new features, in a nationwide sales campaign, which culminates in a new lucrative dealer plan to earn commissions of up to $1,200 on each placement. The system offers digital menus, social media collaboration, mobile ordering and a suite of business management tools.

Net Element is a financial technology group which, in an omni-channel environment, digitally processes global transactions in what is becoming a world of cashless processing. From point-of-sale and mobile devices, Net Element processes electronic payments.

In the first quarter of 2017, the company generated 81% of its worldwide revenue from North American transactions — compared to 70% the prior year. That dominant revenue contribution was driven primarily by payment processing fees in North America, which jumped by 40%, exhibiting significant organic growth.

To further stimulate that rise, Net Element is making significant enhancements to its Aptito processing system. To trigger even more revenues, the company has announced, for software sales agents and dealers, a new incentive of up to $1,200 per placement of the cloud-based Aptito point-of-sale system. A number of enhancements to Aptito were also announced by Net Element.

In the fast-changing retail and restaurant industries where sales growth and customer retention are key, Aptito is being refined with enhanced options for reservations, bartending, reporting, and kiosks. It also includes advanced printing, monitoring, and inventory systems. The new Aptito permits users to import and export menus. It also enables modification to partially paid orders. Finally, there are new enhancements to its system security, inventory and gift cards.

In a news release, Oleg Firer, CEO of Net Element, said, “A vast majority of restaurants are still using old legacy POS systems that fail to accommodate digital changes and consumer demands for convenience, speed, accuracy and security when dining or shopping. With a suite of new enhancements, Aptito offers optional functionality and the most complete package of features to bring an establishment into the digital age.”

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