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Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOXC) Ready for a 75% Upside Ride?

  • Crystal Equity Research maintains $5.25 price target for Moxian
  • 75% upside from current price
  • Price appreciation could be even higher depending on paid user conversions

Crystal Equity Research published a research report on Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOXC) in January 2017 and identified a price target of $5.25 for the company. The price target remained unchanged at $5.25 in the August 15 updated report from Crystal Equity, and the report categorized an investment in Moxian as a speculative buy ( Currently trading near $3.00 per share, reaching the research projection would equate to a 75 percent upside ride for Moxian. That’s the kind of speculative return sought by most investors.

The Crystal Equity Research report highlighted areas of Moxian’s business that could be catalysts for even greater price appreciation. The report cites the company’s memorandum of understanding with Shewn International Group in Shanghai aimed at a joint venture featuring Shewn’s fine wine clubs and using Moxian+ online-to-offline technology. This proposed joint venture with Shewn is an example of a change in market penetration tactics by Moxian, emphasizing pacts with enterprises needing Moxian+ platform payments or any of the unique CRM features created by Moxian. Moxian would earn fees based on a percentage of digital payments traffic by Shewn customers on the Moxian+ platform.

Moxian, Inc. caters to and focuses on the new Chinese consumer and, importantly, bridges e-commerce to brick-and-mortar retail. Moxian provides small- and medium-sized brick-and-mortar businesses with cutting-edge turnkey solutions to attract and maintain customers. Free to the consumer, Moxian’s creative and socially interactive online platforms and mobile applications are moving the burgeoning Chinese consumer from online views to retail purchases at Moxian’s brick-and-mortar retail client locations. Moxian’s seductive social network integrates social media and business into a single platform that offers products, features and services that appeal to consumers, keeping them engaged and referring new customers.

The company’s ingenious online platforms and mobile applications, the Moxian+ User app and the Moxian+ Business app, allow businesses to interface with both new and existing customers. These online interactions provide each business the data to analyze consumer likes, dislikes and trends, providing Moxian’s business customers with invaluable consumer information and a real-time, state-of –the-art CRM. Moxian is in the midst of converting its unpaid platforms to paid, reflected in its joint venture with upscale wine distributor Shewn. This conversion could significantly enhance Crystal Equity’s price target.

One line on the home page of Crystal Equity Research’s website says, “INSIGHT FOR ALPHA RETURNS”. Crystal has set and maintained a target of $5.25 on shares of Moxian, representing a 75 percent upside from the current price. If the conversion to paid users goes as planned, alpha returns could be in the bank.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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