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LottoGopher (CSE: LOTO) is Poised to Disrupt the Lottery Industry with Pioneering Online Service

These days, people want convenience. Consumers want things to be faster and easier, and they’re willing to pay for it. One company, LottoGopher Holdings Inc. (CSE: LOTO), is catering to that demand within the lottery realm.

The lottery industry is considered quite behind the times. Players must still buy their tickets in person, and many states require that lottery tickets be paid for with cash only. Because a paper ticket is all you get, it can also be easy to lose a lottery ticket, which contributes to approximately $2 billion in lottery winnings going unclaimed in United States every single year. LottoGopher, however, is poised to disrupt the lotto industry in a big way.

LottoGopher is a lottery messenger service that makes it possible for lotto players to order and manage their state lottery tickets online and to pay for them using debit and credit cards—no more need to leave home and stand in line to purchase lottery tickets. The service also makes it easier for players to keep track of their tickets and their winnings, stay current on the most recent drawings, and even collect winnings. LottoGopher members additionally have access to jackpot alerts, player strategies, lucky number pickers, lottery news and financial resources for winners.

Through LottoGopher, players can participate alone using a single ticket, or they can create and join public and private groups to pool winnings. Different LottoGopher memberships are available that let players order multiple tickets from different lotteries. To use the site, players can purchase a day pass, monthly passes or annual memberships, and ticket prices are not marked up for LottoGopher users. They pay the same price they would pay if buying a ticket in person.

At present, LottoGopher’s services are only available to residents of California, but the company plans to expand into 22 other lottery states. The company also has a goal of signing up 500,000 paying members within a four-year period. LottoGopher has already attracted a highly desirable strategic partner in Lottoland, which has 5.5 million customers across the globe and is a leading lottery betting company in Europe.

In 2014, Americans spent more than $70 billion on lottery tickets, making it a highly lucrative industry for a disruptive brand like LottoGopher. LottoGopher’s strategy involves targeting 80 million potential subscribers who already buy lottery tickets and have a history of online shopping.

LottoGopher began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange in May 2017.

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