Source Financial, Inc. (SRCF)

SRCF Source Financial, Inc. (SRCF),

following completion of merger with CSES Group, Inc., will market and sell environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient alltemp® refrigerants. Many HCFCs, including the world’s most commonly used refrigerant, are currently being phased out in developed countries and consequently accelerating a $20 billion annual market opportunity.

Today, HCFC refrigerants have applications ranging from Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (“HVAC”) to refrigeration, industrial solvents, dehumidifiers and motor vehicle A/C systems. Because they are used in one form or another for virtually every home and business, the phase-out plans commenced by various governments have massive implications.

As the phase-out period advances, regulations regarding HCFCs will increase. By 2020, a 99.5% reduction of many existing HCFC coolants is required without any exceptions allowed. New production will be prohibited and consumption must be reduced. By 2030, import of many HCFC coolants will be completely banned and remaining R-22 and R-142b stores will be destroyed. The market has no choice but to find an alternative.

CSES Group’s alltemp® products are designed to capitalize on rising demand for compliant refrigerants with the optimal balance of performance, environmental sustainability, safety, and cost. Key features of the refrigerants include an average 27% reduction in kWh without any loss in capacity, no need to replace an existing HVAC system, and no requirements for oil or valve changes. Additionally, since alltemp® runs at much lower pressures than traditional refrigerants, there is less wear and tear on equipment and leakage.

Following two years of real-world testing at several Fortune 100 companies’ facilities, CSES Group recently raised more than $4.5 million to increase capacity of alltemp® to $100 million per month at its 6,000 sqft state-of-the-art plant in Oregon, expand its product line, and hire a worldwide sales force to market its line of products. The CEO is now focused on helping the company gain significant exposure and develop global partnerships as part of its expansion strategies.

Investment Considerations
  • Government mandates require major shift in $20 billion market
  • CSES Group offers tested product with strong competitive advantages
  • Numerous applications targeted with diverse line of solutions

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